How To Get Rosemary Oil Containing Alcohol Extracted  

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You can enjoy different health benefits from the use of rosemary herbs. The leaves of the rosemary herb give both flavors and add a pleasing aroma to dishes. The oil of this hearty rosemary is as well useful in terms of medicinal properties.

Rosemary Tincture Recipe

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-Strip the leaves from the stalk and chop the leaves finely. -Put the rosemary inside a jar. -Cover the herb with alcohol sit for a period of 6 to 8 weeks.  -Shake for about a minute every week. -Strain the mixture.

Rosemary Tincture Use

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-Rosemary tincture may be used to treat depression. -It can help relieve anxiety and enhance the nerves. -It helps increase the circulation of blood to the brain. -It can aid in migraine and headaches. -It helps stimulate digestion. And more.

How Long Does Rosemary Tincture Last?

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Generally, herbal tincture tends to be long-lasting and can last for about 1 to 3 years. When it comes to rosemary tincture, it should be able to last for up to a year if stored properly. 

Is Rosemary Tincture Safe?

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Rosemary tincture isn’t safe to be used in pregnancy. This is because it’s been associated with miscarriage in pregnancy. Nursing mothers should also not take rosemary as supplements.  

How Much Rosemary Tincture Should I Use?

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Now when it comes to the dosage of rosemary tincture, an adult should take one dose of two full droppers. Use this for any ailment listed above in this article and it should be used 1 to 3 times per day. But do not take them for more than 6 weeks. 

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