How To Easily Make A Sensational Non-Greasy Lotion Bar

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Exposure to harsh weather conditions and salty seawater can reduce the smoothness of your skin. This simple lotion bar recipe utilizes the best natural ingredients to create a non-greasy product for your skin.

For this recipe, you will need the following

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– Half a cup of distilled water – Half a cup of grated beeswax – A quarter cup of coconut oil  – A quarter cup of jojoba oil – One teaspoon Vitamin E oil or rosemary extract – 16 drops of essential oils of your choice


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– Measuring cup – Bowl – Source of heat (broiler or microwave) – Food processor – Molds 


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Step 1: Mixing the Ingredient Step 2: Heat the Mixture Step 3: Add Essential Oil Step 4: Package for Molding Step 5: Unmolding Step 6: Testing Step 7: Using the Bars

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