How To Balance Your Bath With White Vinegar

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You surely want to consider a white vinegar bath for pH balance. You can find an apple cider vinegar bath to help keep the vagina clean and maintain normal pH. So, please continue to read to find out.

White Vinegar Bath For pH Balance

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While you can benefit from deep skin therapy, you will also gain from the pH balance of the vagina. So if this is something you desperately need, you want to follow the simple guide in this article.

Preparing An Apple Cider In Bath Water

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·  Start by filling the bathtub with warm water. ·  Next, add in two cups of apple cider vinegar.  ·  Stir the bathwater steadily to ensure the cider mixes in properly. ·  Soak in the bathtub for as little as 30 minutes. ·  Afterward, rinse your body with or without soap and dry properly.

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