How Marula Oil Helps With Growing Hair 

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This oil is pretty beneficial when it comes to different cosmetic products. Different parts of the marula tree are very useful and they can be used as ingredients in foods as well as traditional medicine in some parts of the continents including Africa. 

Overview Of Marula Oil

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Marula oil is originally derived or extracted from its kernels and the marula tree is a native part of southern Africa. However, marula oil can also be derived from the outer hard shell of the nut. 

Does Marula Oil Help Hair Growth?

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Marula oil can assist in the growth of hair. This wonderful oil is pretty rich in protein and can be absorbed easily. Hence, this makes the oil an effective skin treatment and hair treatment. 

Marula Oil Benefits For Hair

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-Enhances hair growth  -Offer a lightweight texture - Balances with the natural oil of your hair  -Protection from hair damage  -Antioxidant properties 

How To Use Marula Oil For Hair

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Lone Use Use Marula Oil Before You Heat Style Your Hair Scalp Massage Marula Oil Can Be Added To Existing Product

Which Is Better Argan Oil Or Marula Oil For Hair?

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Both argan oil and marula oil are great for both your skin and hair. They both have their various benefits. But when it comes to the use of these oils for hair, which is better? 

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