How Many Carbs Are In Flour? 

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Whether you are on a keto diet or want to know for health purposes, it is important to know how many carbs are in food. Many people choose to watch their carbs for various reasons.  

What Are Carbs?

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Carbohydrates or carbs are a type of macronutrient that can be found in some types of foods and drinks. Sugars, starches, and fiber are all considered to be carbs. 

Counting Carbs In Flour

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-All-purpose white flour -Whole wheat flour -Self-rising flour -Cake flour -Bread flour

Low-Carb Flour Option

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-Almond flour -Chickpea flour -Coconut flour -Flaxseed meal

Keeping Track Of Carbs In Flour

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Flour is a common ingredient in many different foods including bread, pasta, tortillas, and desserts. Most traditional flours are higher in carbs than other foods. Some people count carbs as a way to lose weight or keep their blood sugar levels in check.   

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