How Long Does It Take For Squash To Grow? The Shocking Facts! 

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As with every plant, there are specific things you need to know about before getting started.  Some of those things are sun requirements, growing characteristics, companion plants, and soil types. 

When Is The Best Time To Plant Squash?

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There are many different kinds of squash.  The specific variety will determine the growing time.  At its simplest categorization, there are winter squashes and summer squashes. 

How Long Will It Be Until I Can Harvest Squash?

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If your plant is a summer squash you can harvest it within 2 months of its sprouting!  Winter squashes take much longer, between 3-4 months until you can harvest.   

When Will My Squash Start To Form?

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Squash forms only after the plant flowers.  You will need to make sure there are pollinators to allow for the fruit to form.  Small vegetables will start to form on the female flowers. 

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