How Long Does A Bradford Pear Tree Live?

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Having plants in your garden has numerous benefits. However, how exactly should you cultivate and care for your Bradford tree? We’ll look more into that ahead in this article. So, please continue to read.

What Is The Bradford Tree?

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Known to have funny-smelling flowers, the Bradford was first cultivated in the 1960s mainly for the pear fruit it produces at full maturity. 

Problems Associated With The Bradford Pear Lifespan

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·  Wilting Leave ·  High Wind ·  Leave Discoloration

Bradford Pear Tree Life Span

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One of the good sides to the Bradford is that it lasts longer than many other yard trees. When properly cultivated and maintained, it could stay up to 25 years. But for most owners, may have to cut it down to make room for other yard upgrades.

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