Home Recipe For Diluting Essential Oils For Spray

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You see, not all essential oils are safe for the skin or for ingestion in their unadulterated form. The safest way to go about this while making the most out of it is by using it as a spray. Hence, if you’re interested in that, then read on to find out how to dilute essential oils for spray

What You Will Need

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– Spray Bottle  – Base Ingredient  – Emulsifier – Essential Oil 

Step-by-Step Instructions

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1. Choose the workplace.  2. Fill your spray with the base ingredient. 3. Include the emulsifier on the mix.   4. Add the essential oil. 5. Close the bottle and shake to thoroughly mix the solution. 6. Store in a dry and cool area, away from direct sunlight.  7. Use the spray as needed.  

Other Handy Tips and Tricks

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· For beginners: when mixing, start with small volumes.  · Research on the specialties of each oil.  · Avoid putting in too much essential oils because when the smell becomes too strong, you will find it harder to relax. 

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