Essential Oils That Can Be Safely Diffused Near Cats

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In as much as aromatherapy is beneficial to the entire home, it could also do that at the expense of your cat’s health. We’ll be answering about essential oils that cats can tolerate and enjoy. So, keep reading to find out.

Here are Some Essential Oils that are Safe to Diffuse around Cats

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- Cedarwood Essential Oil - Rosemary Oil  - Lemongrass oil 

Symptoms that Show that your Cat is Battling with Toxicity from an Essential Oil 

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– Drooling – Hyperactivity  – Apprehension  – Panting  – Green or yellow urine  – Vomiting 

How to Diffuse Essential Oils around Cats

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Diffusing reduces the toxicity of the essential oil if any is present and makes it safer for cats and other pets in your home. However. when diffusing, observe the reaction of your pet cat, use the clues and symptoms to tell if the cat is comfortable.  

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