Does The Magic Wear Off When Aloe Vera Gel Expires? 

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Indians use Aloe Vera for therapeutic purposes. Because of its healing and moisturizing features, many products, most especially skincare products, are derived from it, including aloe vera gel.

How to Prepare an Aloe Vera Gel?

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1. Cut the leaf of an aloe vera plant. 2. Wash the leaf with running water.  3. Peel off the thorns then start to peel leaf from top to bottom. 4. Scoop the aloe vera gel using a spoon.

Benefits of Aloe Vera Gel

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It Moisturizes the Skin It Can Heal Minor Wounds and Burn It Helps Clear Up Breakout It Can Treat a Cold Sore It Helps Lower Blood Sugar Level It Can Treat Bowel Movement Disorder It Can Be Used as a Makeup Remover It Can Be Used as a Shaving Cream

Does Aloe Vera Gel expire?

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Although aloe vera is referred to as the plant of immortality, the aloe vera itself is not immortal. The aloe vera gel usually has a two-year expiration date, but if refrigerated it could go up to more than 5 years. 

How to Know If your Aloe Vera Gel is Expired?

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If you have the naturally prepared aloe vera gel you would know if it has already expired if the gel has a bad smell to it, moreover, the gel also loses its hydrating and moisturizing aura. For the commercially produced aloe vera gel, one way to know if your gel is expired is through its expiration date.  

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