Does matcha green tea powder contain a lot of caffeine? 

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Matcha is a type of green tea but is grown protected from sunlight, and green tea contains caffeine. However, unlike other teas, matcha is consumed wholly, which raises concern for the amount of caffeine found in this magical tea. This article addresses how much caffeine does matcha green tea powder have.

How Much Caffeine is In Matcha Tea?

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Matcha tea contains about 8.8 mg/oz of caffeine, compared to a brewed coffee which has about 20.4 mg/oz of caffeine , the caffeine level in matcha is just about half of the amount found in brewed coffee. 

Do I Need to Be Worried About Matcha Caffeine Level?

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It is safe to say no. This is because the perfect combination of amino acid content, catechins (a type of natural phenol and antioxidant) and caffeine found in matcha make for a balanced and healthier consumption compared to coffee or black tea. 

Green Tea, But With Great Benefits!

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– Boosts metabolism and    burns fat – Healthier caffeine high – Provides you a boost of     energy – Better skin – Improves breath – High stress-reducing

Caffeine Side Effect

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Although caffeine content in matcha tea is lower than in coffee, pregnant women, children, and persons with cardiovascular disease and anxiety disorders should avoid its use. 

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