Discover How To Make A Bag From Wrapping Paper In 6 Simple Steps 

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These days, everyone is trying to be more eco-friendly because of the growing awareness of climate change and environmental dangers. One of the things that we especially enjoy doing is making bags out of wrapping paper. If this is something that will interest you, then we’ll teach you how to make a bag out of wrapping paper in a few very easy steps. 

Materials That You’re Going to Need

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– Hole puncher – A pair of scissor – Scotch tape – Ribbon – Wrapping paper

Instructions on How to Make a Bag Out of Wrapping Paper

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Step 1: Determine the ideal size of the wrapping paper Step 2: Fold the Sides of the Wrapper Step 3: Fold the Bottom Step 4: Flatten the Corner Step 5: Fold All Corner Step 6: Open Up the Bag

Tips and Tricks

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When creating the bottom, you may want to add some extra tapes on the seams so that the bottom will be more durable. If your wrapper is durable, you can punch holes in the top to tie in a string so that you can carry it around.

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