Differences Between Green Tea Extract And Matcha - Explained

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Green tea and matcha are beverages consumed for their taste, nutrition, as well as their health benefits. Which is why in this article, we’ll be looking at the differences between both of them.

Physical Difference between Green Tea Extract and Matcha Tea

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Because Matcha is grown in shadows, the amount of amino acids and Chlorophyll on it often greater than a normal green tea, thus giving Matcha tea a unique taste, astringent taste, followed by a lingering sweetness.

Nutritional Differences Between Green Tea Extract and Matcha

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If you must know, there are about 200 polyphenol-containing compounds abound in green tea which includes, theogallin, theanine, among others. Matcha, on the other hand, contains beneficial antioxidants that promote one’s health.  

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