Are You Feeling Sick After A Detox Bath? Your Answers Now!

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It is common that people are feeling sick after a detox bath.  This is because your body is shocked by the high amount of products that are exiting your body.  Do not be worried, this is a completely normal side effect. 

Body Detox Sign

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First off, you may experience anxiety and discomfort.  This is because your body is re-adjusting to a new normal.  The level of anxiety is determined by the number of toxins in your body.  

What To Expect After A Detox Bath?

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Another side effect you can experience is pain throughout your body.  Monitor the pain for a few weeks to see if it continues.  It should usually subside once you are finished with the detox process. 

Detox Bath Benefit

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Some of them include decreased joint pain, better blood circulation, improved sleep, and more energy throughout the day.  According to the University of Harvard, “These are largely do-it-yourself procedures aimed at eliminating toxins that are held responsible for a variety of symptoms 

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