Are Unwearable Shoes Recycable?

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We all have a couple of old pairs of shoes that we can no longer wear. In this article we will talk about several ways on how to recycle unwearable shoes and reduce our carbon footprint. So, please read on to find out.

Why Should We Recycle Unwearable Shoes?

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Shoes made of organic material such as leather release methane when breaking down. Methane is one of the gases that contribute to global warming, which is a significant cause of climate change. Recycling shoes is a contribution to the protection of our environment.

Ways To Recycle Unwearable Shoes

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Donate to a Recycling Program Repair and Repurpose

Here are a few examples

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1. Use old Shoes as Décor 2. Use as Planters 3. Use as Racks 4. Use as Birdhouse 5. Use to Make Pillowcase 6. Use as Stepping Stones 7. Use as Wind Chimes 8. Use as Welcome Signs

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