Are Pringles A Potato Chip Or Not? What Are They Made Of?

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Pringles aren't made solely from potatoes. However, don’t fret because, even if Pringles are not 100% made from potatoes, they’re not necessarily packed with harmful chemicals. So, continue to read to find out.

What are Pringles Made of?

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Pringles are still made from potatoes but not totally. Pringles are not your typical potato chips where you shave off bits from the potato and then fry them.

Pringles Flavors 

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The most popular flavors are the original, onions and sour cream, salt and vinegar, barbeque, ranch dressing, baked potato, and hot and spicy. 

How is it Made?

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The Pringles are made firstly from slurry as mentioned above, which is made from the basic ingredients to form the base. Thereafter is the flavoring process, with which you can choose any flavor you’d like. 

Is it Actually a Real Potato Chip?

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Pringles aren’t necessarily real and made from pure potato chips. This is because they have a lot of added ingredients, flavorings, and unnatural additives, which tends to neutralize the natural potato component.

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