Amazing Benefits Of Using Aloe Vera On Your Body

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Apart from been nice to look at, aloe vera benefits are present in the gel and juice which are useful in the treatment of numerous conditions from skin infections to digestive related disorders. So, keep reading to find out.

What is Aloe Vera Plant?

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The aloe vera plant has been around for thousands of years as far back as the time of the Egyptian pharaohs as it was presented to them as a funeral gift. 

Parts of Aloe Vera Plant

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1.  Leave 2.  Flower 3.  Stems and Root 4.  Fruits and Seed

Uses of Aloe Vera in the Industry (Food, Cosmetic and Pharmaceuticals)

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- Food - Cosmetics - Pharmaceutics

Potential Benefit of Drinking Aloe Vera

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1.  Relief of constipation. 2. The plant contains anti-inflammatory compounds.  3. The presence of antiseptic agents helps in the inhibition of bacterial, fungal, and viral actions. 4. It helps to reduce stress by limiting cell-damage. 5.  It helps to reduce blood sugar level. 6. Improves the immune system. 7. Studies show that there is an aloe product that when consumed for a period of 2 weeks can help to reduce fat in overweight or obese persons.

Possible Side Effects, Dosage, and Safety

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The aloe vera plant is safe when consumed orally and for a short period of time and in moderation. The recommended daily dosage is 15mL for a period of not more than 50 days but always prescribed by a medical practitioner.

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