A Quick Guide To What The Colors Mean On Toothpaste

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While shopping for toothpaste, most of us look at the ingredients, expiry date, and even the flavor. However, most of us tend not to care about too much that colored bar located on the bottom of the tubes. What exactly does it mean? What exactly do color tabs on toothpaste indicate? 

Common Misconceptions Surrounding these Codes

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· Blue. – means that the toothpaste has natural ingredients as well as medicines included in it.  · Green. – means that it is made of all-natural ingredients.  · Red. – means that the toothpaste is made of natural and synthetic ingredients.  · Black. – this one is the worst since it means that the toothpaste is made entirely of chemicals. 

Exposing the Facts

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The color codes you see on toothpaste tubes have absolutely nothing to do with the ingredients inside.  Instead, they are used as marks during the manufacturing process.

How Do You Tell the Ingredients in Your Toothpaste?

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According to the Dental American Association, almost all toothpaste brands have the same basic ingredients including humectants, abrasives, detergents, and flavoring agents.

What about the Stripes Colors?

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The answer is, the choice of color actually varies with each toothpaste brand and manufacturer. 

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