A Guide To Using Essential Oils To Make Homemade Soap

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Although essential oils are obtained from a natural raw material of plant origin, they can cause skin irritations. Every essential oil has a recommended usage rate that should be followed. So, please continue to read to find out.

How Much Essential Oil Should You Use?

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A fragrance calculator will help you to determine how much oil you will use for every pound of soap.  With a fragrance calculator, you just need to choose the kind of product you intend to make, the essential oil you will use, and how much you want to make. The calculator will then tell you how much essential oil you can add to your product. 

How to Calculate Blends of Several Essential Oils

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When making my blend of essential oils, I usually ensure that the base notes, middles notes, and top notes are in the appropriate percentage. The main idea is to ensure that 10 percent of the blend is base notes, 60 percent is middles notes, and 30 percent is top notes. 

How to Add Essential Oils to Homemade Soap

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We recommend adding your essential oil to your soap after it hits trace.When you achieve a light trace, it means that the soap has a consistency like that of running honey. Alternatively, you can choose to add your preferred essential oils before the soap achieve trace. 

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