A Guide To Pruning Your Moringa Tree

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Many people have attested to the medicinal properties of the Moringa plant. However, not many know how to prune it as part of its maintenance. In fact, ordinary individuals without a horticulture background do not even know the concept of pruning. This is why, in this article, we are going to discuss how to prune Moringa tree correctly.  


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Pruning is essential in tree maintenance. It helps keep the tree healthy and the environment safe as well. 

Types of Equipment Needed for Pruning a Moringa Tree

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· Pruning Shear · Lopper · Pole Pruner · Pruning Saw · Hedge Shear

The Process of Pruning a Moringa Tree

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1. Assess the Tree 2. Trim  3. Pinch Off 4. Cut (Optional)

Things to Remember

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· Moringa Trees Grows Fast · Avoid Branch Over Growth · Continue Other Growing Practice

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