A Guide To Mixing Essential Oil And Water 

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Making essential oil solution is possible. There are reasons why you may want to emulsify your essential oil. The major reason why you need to emulsify your essential oil is to make your favorite home remedy. So, read along to find out

What is an Emulsifier

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An emulsifier is a substance that mixes oil and water or better yet tries to mix oil and water.  

Why Should You Emulsify Essential Oils? 

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· Skin Burns  · Dispensing Inaccuracy

Best Emulsifier to Use

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There are many emulsifiers in the market to choose from, so you want to be on the lookout for the ones that are free from chemicals. 

Mixing Essential Oil and Water 

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Settle the oil in an emulsifier such as Castille soap. If you are still able to separate the oil from the Castille, then try adding in some alcohol. It is that the essential oil and water-based ingredient are in the right proportion.  

When to Use an Emulsifier

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It is not a must you use an emulsifier with your essential oil, but you need to as long as you are going to apply it directly to your skin. 

What Are The Best Essential Oils To Blend Together? 

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