A Guide To Diluting Essential Oils With Coconut Oil

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Essential oils can be chemically too strong on your body when you use them. This is why you need to dilute them. But you need to know how to dilute essential oils with coconut oil before you can start using them. So, read on to find out.

Benefits Coconut Oil Offers and Why you Should Use it for Diluting

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· Has high moisturizing power for the skin  · Comes with anti-microbial properties  · It’s free of toxic chemicals and additives.  · It contributes to the fragrance · Protects your skin from the Ultra-Violet rays of the sun  · Promotes healthy dentition 

How to Carry Out the Dilution 

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You’ll be needing the following: – A large glass bowl – A small glass bowl  – An airtight container that isn’t transparent  – Organic virgin coconut oil  – A mixing spoon  

Stepwise Guide 

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Step 1: Add about a quarter cup of coconut oil to the small glass bowl you were required to keep.  Step 2: You need to work with coconut oil in its liquid state.  Step 3: Now you can then add the essential oil of your choice to the liquid coconut oil.  Step 4: You are done with the dilution, now it’s time to store it for usage.

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