A Guide On Detoxing Your Body With Salts And Vinegar 

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Like you may already know, there are many ways you can benefit from a detox bath anytime. And these are not only limited to the skin alone. You’d find it to be relaxing and soothing, making it suitable to distress from a hectic day. This includes the use of natural treatment options such as Epsom salts and apple cider vinegar in your bathwater. 

Benefits of Body Detox

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Whether you choose to use bath salts or apple cider vinegar, you can be sure to find it helpful in so many ways.  -Complete Cleanse: You’d find body detox to help cleanse the system, enhancing optimum performance.  -Weight Loss: ACV helps in the management of appetite, which could be helpful if you are on a journey to weight loss.  

How To Use Epsom Salts And Vinegar Bath?

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– One cup Apple Cider Vinegar – One cup Epsom Salt – Flower petals (optional) – One-quarter cup baking soda – One tablespoon ground ginger. Preparation: Fill the tub with water and pour in all other ingredients except for the ACV and mix thoroughly. Pour in the tub and stir till it dissolves. Add in the cup of ACV, and it should be enough to work magic for a single treatment. 

Side Effects To Note 

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Although Epsom salt and ACV are entirely organic ingredients and would likely not leave any irritation on the skin, it is possible to notice minor complications as a result of using poor quality ingredients. 

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