A complete guide on how to use essential oils for sunburn

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Sunburns are very uncomfortable and unpleasant to the eyes. I have compiled a list of some essential oils that can help you heal sunburns. I think this piece will help you heal sunburns the next time you go tanning outside. 

Best Essential Oils Suitable for Sunburn 

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Studies conclude that the benefits are experienced only when essential oils are applied as soon as possible. You should avoid using essential oils on sensitive skin, near organs regulated by hormones such as the mouth, eyelids, breasts, and genitals.

Best Essential Oils Suitable for Sunburns

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- Vitamin C - Vitamin E - Geranium  - Peppermint - Lavender - Eucalyptu - Tea Tree - Chamomile

How to Use Essential Oils

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Mix the essential oil well with other ingredients. Mix at most three to four drops of your essential oil with a base before applying. Some people have sensitive skin that reacts aggressively to any allergen.

Probable Risks and Complications Involved in Using Essential Oils

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Essential oils do not have recognized guidelines on how to apply them. Using essential oils is considered entirely voluntary, and therefore, you should be cautious when using them.

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