A comparison between Hand-Washing vs Dishwasher Water Usage 

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It has been a long day and you are cleaning up after dinner. You have a family of five and that means a lot of dirty dishes. You load up the dishwasher and hit start. Then, nothing happens. You are stuck washing dishes the old fashioned way, handwashing. 

Residential Dishwasher Efficiency

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You may think that dishwashers are simple machines but there is a lot to learn about. The efficiency of your machine depends on when it was built and if it is designated as an energy star appliance. 

Save Time and Money

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– Dishwashers save from 3,780-5000 gallons of water per year and as mentioned save energy too. – This decreases your carbon footprint and can translate into cost savings, roughly $40 a year. – Would you like 10 days back of your life, that is the estimated equivalent of the time spent standing at the sink hand-washing dishes!

Dishwasher VS. Hand-Washing

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– Lifetime operating cost comparison of an Energy Star Dishwasher versus hand-washing inclusive of energy and water use is $323 to $754according to the energystar.gov website. – In addition, the cleanliness of dishes washed in the sink may not be the best considering the nasty old sponge you use.

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